An interlude between All Just Glass and Poison Tree, two novels by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Inbox of Diana Smoke
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"Inbox of Diana Smoke" is an epistolary-style hyper-fiction. It cannot rightly be called a story or a novel, but rather is an interlude between two novels: All Just Glass, which was released in January, 2011, and Poison Tree, which will be released in the summer of 2012.

As you might imagine based on the title, "Inbox" exists as a series of emails and attachments to and from Diana Smoke, CEO of SingleEarth. Readers will get to see into the multinational organization, and hear from old and new characters. "Inbox" will also feature the first ever official, author-commissioned art for this series, in the form of illustrations by Ria Campbell.

Spoilers Warning! I highly advise that you read All Just Glass before you read "Inbox," because it will include critical spoilers for that book. There will also be a great deal of discussion regarding a character from Demon in My View, and a couple emails that involve a character from Persistence of Memory. There is probably no way to read "Inbox" without getting major AJG spoilers and minor Demon spoilers, but I will do my best to tag emails that hold major spoilers for any of the other books, so those individual pieces could be avoided if you wish. Even so, "I will do my best" does not mean I am perfect, so reading "Inbox" does put you at risk for minor spoilers for any of the published books.

Regarding Canon: Yes, "Inbox of Diana Smoke" should be considered to be Nyeusigrube canon. Unlike Reality: Nyeusigrube, the Ask the Residents forum, or any posted Drabbles or excerpts on the site, I am considering "Inbox" a canon piece just as much as any of the published novels.

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Discussion and Participation:Your participation is critical! Please discuss the storylines, the characters, the format- whatever comes to mind. I want to know if this is worth doing again, and possibly doing bigger next time, and the only way for me to know that is through audience response. You can discuss in the Inbox Forum on the main Nyeusigrube site.

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